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Fall 2018 Member's Newsletter (pdf)

--- Next 2 Meetings ---
November 17-18, 2018

Annual Meeting & Director Election
January 12-13, 2019

Visit "Shows" page for directions, hotels and a complete list of dates. 

ALERT The Ohio Supreme Court has proposed rule changes that would disarm and force those subject to a civil protection order to surrender firearms, ammunition, and concealed handgun license to law enforcement.  On October 8th our friends at The Buckeye Firearms Association reported that this seizure could take place even if there is no evidence that a firearm was threatened to be used, actually used or brandished.  Many of these proposed changes represent the most significant changes to Ohio law of our time This is an extremely important and time sensitive issue for every member of The Ohio Gun Collectors Association and we urge you to learn more and spread the word to fellow gun collectors.  For the most up to date information visit  Buckeye Firearms Association  and/or click on the following links:

October 16th Article by Jim Irvine: 

October 8th Article by Dean Rieck:

Analysis of the Ohio Supreme Court proposal by Sean Maloney:

Ohio Supreme Court Proposed Rule Amendment:

A Message From Our President

Dear Friends:

As you know, the election of the OGCA Board of Directors is coming up at the November meeting. This is also the time for the election of officers by the Board, and I want you to know it has been a real pleasure to serve in my capacity as president. I have worked hard, and will continue to do so as club secretary.

I am glad to give back to this fine organization that has given me so much over the last 50 years. Thank you to my fellow members, officers, directors and especially my wife, Lynn, for all the support these last six years as an officer, and prior to that as a member of the Board. Lynn enjoyed working on the memberís banquet, and we both look forward to our next chapter at OGCA.

The future looks long as we all get out and vote in the upcoming midterm elections. There is strength in numbers, and we need each of our 18,000 members to show up at the ballot box with a friend or two on November 6th.


Charles Rush, President 

Thank you Winchester Arms Collectors Association and Cody Firearms Museum for coming to our September meeting! Itís always a pleasure to have them!   If you missed them, mark your calendar for next year, September 14-15, 2019.   Look for coverage in the Winter newsletter of their competitive display show and rare collectables, along with coverage of Julyís special guests, ROCS (The Rugers Owners & Collectors Society and the American Thompson Collectors Association.

Membership Dues

Members: enclosed with the Fall Interim mailing (to arrive in October) will be your annual dues statement and reply envelope unless you are a Life member. (If you are a Life member, there is a special message for you on the outside of your envelope.)

Please read your dues statement carefully to see if your membership expires December 31, 2018. If your annual dues statement indicates that your dues are paid through 2019 or beyond, you need not take any action at this time. It is up to you if you would like to take the opportunity to add additional years to your membership.

As always members will be admitted to the January 12-13, 2019 meeting on their 2018 badge.

Current members may pay directly on our secure Online Dues Payment Program by Clicking Here; pay via credit card over the phone at (330) 467-5733 or mail your check or money order to the business office. You do not need your dues statement in order to mail your dues, but please include your member number on the memo of your check.  Current OGCA Members may click on "Dues" for more information on Membership Dues including our Life and Senior Life Membership Installment Payment Plan. 

1-year dues: $40
1-year Active Duty Military: Free
(Enclose rank, branch, duty station)
3-year dues:
5-year dues:
Life Membership:
Sr. Life (65 yrs.+):
(Enclose proof of age)

Mail to: OGCA, P.O. Box 670406, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067.

Anticipate 3-6 weeks for processing.  After January 15th, newsletters and other mailings will not be mailed until dues are current. If payment is not received by March 31, 2018, the name of the non-paying member will be removed from our files and can be reinstated only by paying a minimum of 3 years dues by December 31, 2018. We need and appreciate your support. Thank you!

All members are encouraged to update their confidential phone and email address. A spot for this can be found on the dues statement, or email us at, or call the Business Office at (330) 467-5733.

 Vote for OGCA Director

The annual election of Directors will be held November 17, 2018, from 7:30 AM to 4 PM at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington. Three candidates are campaigning for one of the three open positions for the 2019-2020-2021 term. Be sure to meet them at the November meeting. You will find their biography in your Fall newsletter and online at Please show your support and VOTE Saturday November 17, 2018!       


Everyone was a winner in the annual 2018 PAC raffle held Sunday September 9th because all the proceeds fuel the fight for our Second Amendment rights and well deserving charities! A record breaking 6,718 tickets were sold, and the entire OGCA Political Action Committee thanks each and every member, and the hard-working staff and volunteers especially Kathy Zinsmayer, Mari Beth Kirkland and Darla Noble.

The first place prize, Inland WWII M-1 Carbine went to lucky Lynn Lustig. The stunning second prize Remington 03-A3 WWII rifle went to William Butler. John Ward took home the beautiful third place Colt 1903 pistol. Fourth place Sig P320 9mm pistol went to James Murphy, Jr. Glenn Crock was delighted to win the fifth place prize S&W Model 22 A-1 Talon target pistol. Twenty-seven year member, Phil Anielski won the Grey Wolf custom hand-made knife, and longtime member, John Gantner will be sporting the OGCA hat and jacket.

The highly collectible raffle items came from Joe Falasca, Pat Jarvis, Richard Moretti, Joe Pittenger and Tony Zinsmayer. PAC is looking for donations of collectible items for next yearís raffle, and if anyone is interested, please contact PAC Chairman Tony Zinsmayer or stop at his tables at M 10-11 (look for the orange flag).

Protect Your Firearms Rights - Vote!

It is often said guns only have two real enemies, rust and politicians. I know we all treat our guns with lubricants to keep them from rusting; we need to follow up with what needs to be done to make sure the politicians don't get them, using an effective lubricant called voting. By voting for the politicians that stand with us on the Second Amendment you will protect those guns. That is why it is imperative that you check on something very important, your voter registration status. In Ohio they are purging the voter rolls of people who have not voted in awhile. This is being done to stop vote fraud and itís a good thing that itís happening. However if you have not voted in a number of years you may have been removed from the voter rolls in your county.

So before early voting begins in October, you need to check to make sure you are registered to vote. Itís easy, each county has a Board of Elections and most of those have a website where you can check to see your voter registration status or just call them directly by phone and they can check for you. Another website option is This is a one stop website that is provided by OGCA member and Secretary of State Jon Husted. You can locate your county and take care of anything that involves voting. You can register, change your address, check your voter registration status, ect. If you are not registered to vote or your registration is out of date, itís easy to remedy. You can also just go down to the your county Board of Elections and request to be registered. Make sure you take a photo ID with you.

Having done this your next question may be who do I vote for. That is easy too. The NRA puts out voter guides as do sources here in Ohio like the Buckeye Firearms Association. You can also look through your old OGCA newsletters to see which politicians have come to visit our shows to meet you and your OGCA leadership. Those folks are on our side and they listen to us. Its imperative that our like-minded friends are the ones holding political office. The same is true for Judicial candidates, we need our friends to win in the Court races this November.

Do your part by voting for them. Itís the cheapest and most effective way to preserve your firearms, and your hands wont get oily in the process.

- Tim Inwood, OGCA Legislation & Litigation Chairman

Guest Passes/Trade Tables: The Table Application and Guest Pass Forms are on pages 11-14 of member's newsletter. If you are a member and need a copy of a form do not hesitate to contact us anytime at or (330) 467-5733.  (Forms are not posted on the web for security reasons.) Members may now reserve tables for up to two shows at a time ($80 per table). Likewise, if you are a member and would like to be added to the "Table Application email list" just shoot us an email at and we will automatically email the form to you 5-6 weeks prior to each meeting.   Tables may be rented via mail, phone, or in person during a meeting. 

Annual Tables: Annual 2019 Tables will be on sale at the September and November meetings (and by contacting the Business Office at (330) 467-5733 or Annual tables run January 2019 to November 2019 for all scheduled Roberts Centre meetings.  Take advantage of the savings when you reserve annually. Cost is $420 per table for six shows in the calendar year. That breaks down to $70 per table x 6 and is a savings of $60 per year, per table. (Individual table rental paid per show is $80.00.) Annual tables are also a convenient way to reserve the same table for the whole year! (Table location based on availability.) 2019 Annual Table Applications for all six meetings are only available until December 28, 2018. Call the business office anytime with questions.

 Nov. 17th Charter Bus to Pick up in both Cleveland and Lodi, Ohio (Note deadlines) The November meeting is upon us and if you were thinking of riding the OGCA Express November 17th, to the meeting, call the Business Office to make your reservation with a credit card now  (330) 467-5733! Cost is $25 per seat, round trip. We are still offering the promotion if you bring a guest with a paid bus seat for them then their Guest fee of $10 will be waived for entry into that meeting.

As of September 20, less than 1/4 of the seats have been reserved. Please pay by Oct. 10th. We urge you to do so in order to support this service. If the 54 passenger bus is not over 1/2 full by then we will need to cancel and will notify those that have made reservations to arrange a refund. This leaves the big question... will the offering of this service be available in the future? We have done our best to stress the much needed support of this member requested service and have listened to those who reside between Cleveland and Mansfield by adding a stop in Lodi along the way. This wonderful service canít continue without you. We hope to keep the bus so you can avoid the drive, enjoy the show and cast your vote in the Director Election.

Automatic Penalties For a Loaded Gun or Magazine: On March 11, 2016, the OGCA Board of Directors adopted automatic penalties for those in violation of bringing in a loaded gun or magazine. Members will be removed from the building and placed on an automatic one-year suspension. If a guest brings a loaded firearm/magazine, he/she will be immediately banned for life, and the sponsor of that guest will automatically be suspended for one year. If each and every member makes safety their number one focus and informs their guest of the Safety Rules, enforcement of this new automatic penalty will never be necessary...and that is our hope.    

Important:  Bump Fire Stocks or any devices that simulates full automatic fire are NOT  Permitted.

 Firearms Safety REQUIRED

Blue Book Program For OGCA Members Click here to learn more or go directly to Blue Book Publications.

Current Member's Newsletter: Fall 2018 Member's Newsletter (pdf)

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There has never been a more important time for supporters of the Second Amendment to band together and ensure that those who share our love of collecting, shooting and hunting are registered to vote.

Trigger the Vote is a nonpartisan
voter registration program through the NRA.  Click here for more info or here to go direct to the site.  Then click on "Get Started" to register to vote in any state. (It's easy!)