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81 Years Young, 1937 - 2018

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January 12-13, 2019

 Location: The Roberts Centre - Wilmington, Ohio

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The U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment in Peril

Thomas Paine published ‘THE AMERICAN CRISIS" in December of 1776 during the Revolutionary War. It was the first of 16 pamphlets concerning the need to fight for our freedoms. "THESE ARE THE TIMES THAT TRY MEN’S SOULS" is how the first one begins and we are in trying times again, with the attack on America’s Constitution by people and organizations, with the sole purpose of destroying our country’s traditional, time-tested and legally created laws. They would turn a government that protects freedom into one which controls and eliminates our freedoms.

If you wish to see your Second Amendment rights preserved it will require your action. Your getting out to vote as well as urging your like-minded friends and relatives to get to the polls, on November 6th is critical. Preserving your liberty costs nothing but your effort. Don’t leave it to someone else. Do YOUR patriotic part! Vote!

Below, you will find a partial list of candidates selected by the OGCA PAC committee who are strong believers in our U. S. Constitution, especially The Second Amendment. There are many others that you may know and can research, who will stand firm for America’s values. It is up to each and every one of us.

For additional guidance on voting as we get closer to the midterms, please consult the websites of the NRA www.nrapvf.org, https://ohiogunvote.com and Buckeye Firearms Association  for their ratings on the candidates in the upcoming November election. Please do your part!

- Tony Zinsmayer,
Director/OGCA PAC Chairman

Mike DeWine for Ohio Governor

Jon Husted for Ohio LT Governor

Dave Yost for Attorney General

Frank LaRose for Secretary of State

Robert Sprague for Ohio Treasurer

Keith Faber for Ohio Auditor of State

Craig Baldwin for Ohio Supreme Court

Mary DeGenaro, Ohio Supreme Court

Jennifer Lee Hensal, Ohio 9th Dist.
Court of Appeals

Jim Renacci for U. S. Senate

Steve Chabot, U. S. House, Dist. 1

Brad Wenstrup, U. S. House, Dist. 2

Jim Jordan, U. S. House, Dist. 4

Bob Latta, U. S. House, Dist. 5

Bill Johnson, U. S. House, Dist. 6

Bob Gibbs, U. S. House, Dist. 7

Warren Davidson, U. S. House, Dist. 8

Michael Turner, U. S. House, Dist. 10

David Joyce, U. S. House, Dist. 14

Steve Stivers, U. S. House, Dist. 15

Anthony Gonzales  U. S. House, Dist. 16

Larry Obhof, Ohio Senate President, Dist. 22

Joe Uecker, Ohio Senate, Dist. 14

Ryan Smith, Ohio House Speaker, Dist. 93

Mark Romanchuk, Ohio House, Dist. 2

Steve Hambley, Ohio House, Dist. 69

Larry Householder, Ohio House, Dist. 72

Shane Wilkin, Ohio House, Dist. 91


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 Members, voice opposition  to any new gun regulations!
Call (202) 224-3121
The U.S. Capitol switchboard will connect you to your legislator’s offices.
Take 60 seconds to call NOW and let them know we don’t need any new gun regs.


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The Roberts Centre

Primary Meeting Location: Roberts Centre - Wilmington, Ohio www.robertscentre.com
I-71 at Exit 50 (US 68) Between Columbus,
Cincinnati and Dayton. 

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